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                                             EURASIANS CONSULTING              BRICS states & silk road project management                 Industrial  & commercial  business Angels !                         We are the thinking commerce society, in a time of                    1000s kinds of commercial transactions.               

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               Eurasians Center for all commercial transaction    مدیریت پروژه های کلان ملی وبین المللی                                                         

Центр «Евразия», «Коалиция  Евразийского  Бизнеса»           

In an ever growing and complex commercial demnads, there is the need of  project  experts, with hand on experience,

say in the commercial aspects such as banking tools; logistic; domestic contracts; cost - quality management.


This is why Eurasian Co, consist of experts in all fields , working not just for success, but as well to have convenience partners.

Our target is to bring people and assets together and let it works in order to achieve the Project on time. We can creat

assets and projects, we are able to deploy the PMO ( project management office) and we can impliment details and Basic

engineering, make protocols and creat bank documentation, such as BGs wechsel - BEO; PBGs, LCs......

                                    Boe =   Bill of exchange, refer to your international bank department for more details.


              Avialable private civil investment projects and transactions :

        BOT  BOO EPCM   PPP  joint adventure  Buy back  SWAP   ASWP   BARTER 


       TURNKEY Investment & partnership Projects 

     1- TPU- TPE  plant recovery out of waste - clean device mechanism 40000 t/ p.a. production plant-CDM Standard, EU  Technology..

     2- PET  B2B  plant geranulate and preform of all sizes  food department association - grade 0,8-  50.000t / p.a.(Buy back optional).


     5- Glass recycling colour and car's  waste glass recovery. 

     6- LPG  LNG  E5 and gasoline Production - refineries.   

     7- Up stream , downstream piping off and on shore.

     8- Oil - Gas and Hydrocarbon products commodities commerce. 

     9 - Power plant, any of 4 combined and independent options : 1 x 500 MW  , 2 blocks 250 MW, or  26 x 25 MW  stand alone CCPP / SCPP 

           Gas to the operational site prepared, Land / licenses avialable. A combination of Solar and CCPP / CSPP is as well forseen.

              Machines can be selected by the owner of project , we offer MWM Caterpillar, Siemens, PW.......


    10 - Medical equipment such as MRIs and Full body scan . The buyer must have the needed import permission

            from respected local government ( Import license ). Training at site the instalation, as well maintainance contract.

                Equipment are from known manufacturer such as Sienmens Germany ....


          Please be advised :


                                 For any transaction, we handel only with real persons and real documents. Agents or representatives, are kindly  

         requested to conduct their Agent - mandat or representative witnesses  to us !  Contaratcs, must  be signed

                          and verifeid by the final holders of rights - In some cases, we ask for notarail approved signatories .  

In that respect documents out side thése rules, are failing to success. Please hand on to 

us your counted approved documents, as mentioned in this web page. 


      Solar power station 60 - 120 MW


         3 Stand alone solar power station, owner private sector,  each 60-120 MW, sun radiation 40 grade, desert regions,

         targeted efficiency 20-30 % -  licenses and billing system, beside gov. tariff of pay back. Under ocasion the private sector will sign as well                 energy purchase contract. EPCM or BOT are both wellcome . Part of the equipement can be prepared by local technology.

        Site is prepared, all licenses signed and agreed, Land enough to expand the capacity from 60 to 120 MW.


       For all turnkey project, please consider : 


       R.O.I  +Interest are 1-5 years , including  installation and silent time,  including all calculations, such as interest rate, process chgs.....


        ROW MATERIAL ;  Metal and chemical components :

           All deliveries are  Achived, according to  Incoterm 2000  DAP CIF FOB, based on a  contract.

         We have palned to deliver at least  upto 500 tone in 2016 to the EU buyers. Negotiation are going on.
         Item is aluminium Ingots 420 kg each.  selfpacked with plastic or bands,  CIF and FOB combination

           to west EU and East EU.   Prices LME ( + ) premium. 1-2 Agents engaged.

                    Buyers need BCL and offical request, LC draft by giving final destination -Port . undergoing 2 Inspections:


           1-  Inspection SGS or buyers chooce, 1 time at the port of origin each countainer 1 x qty and material test !
           2-  Inspection SGS or buyers chooce, 1 time each countainer at the prot of final destination.

                 Each country pays the requested SGS Inspection, Buyers in EU can order their favorite inspection and pay it.

                 For ease of transaction, we suggest you buy better FOB and nominate a logistic firm to handel the CIF. 
                 You are warmly wellcomed, to participate in the loading at the port of delivery, while SGS or 

                  equal are inspecting the freight ! 


                    payments :  lC at sight,  100 % irrvocable, transfarable,  from a known EU  Bank. Banks of east EU are    

                     wellcomed and kindly requested to send us a payment readynes or POF, which is adapted to the LC

                     payment timetable and date, prior to the BL date. Please discuss the questions (if any)

                     via phone or skype with experts in advance !

                     For CIF delivery to some countries, there must be 30 % advanced paid to the factory upon FCO,

                     flowed by a Bl within 3 days upon LC is sighted. FOB delivery upon  Payments are down to the factory,

                           prior to loading /  by loading on trucks.


                     We suggest to consult banks, who are having good relation ship with coutry of delivery, so to ease the

                     payment process. The  seller will ask you to pay to his EU or world wide bank, please consider a

                     EURO / USD conversion rate for non USD countries such as Germany . In Most cases the Payment Methods

                     such as Wechsel 0r Bill of Excahnge are cheaper and easier to cover the payments. The same workmenship

                     for LC can be safed and just pay a few Euro for each wechselt / Bill of exchange Dokuments. 


                     Contracts for Alum are 3 months valid and are subject to changes, as LME rates  changes !


                   These are just a few ways to handel the deal, we can handel in vereities of mehtods , just talk to us !


                         Same interest is Copper cathode, Aluminium Bars high peurity 99.7- 9 %  LME. CIF, DAP; FOB -on- ship - condition,

                                 Buyers needs to send L.O.I ; SCO to Eurasians Co.



                    Documentation  are in English:


Docs are: contracts, Standards ( IPS  API  GOST...) SGS  or equal, LAB, Proforma, Machine list , 

 certificate of origine/ ownership, BL, Bonds, LCs, Wechsel = BOE, Insurances condition; Hermes; SCO or  FCO

               EU- German Investors, partners might want to check with for export / import  permission of Goods and founds.

     In case, investors working with governmental debt bonds as assets, they needs  kindly to proceed  to the rules of ICC,

bonds on demand. Meaning : Governmental  debt Bonds must be attached to the related serial No verifeid by the

  issuing administration or the BanksAs experienced, these bonds are due to over come with the eventual  process

         chgs of  3 to 5 %  accordingly ! Especially if they are :   postpond, predated, deferred - the same rules might

             be used on Wechsels. Contract currency is equvalent to gold, thus to avoid exchange rate or course variation conflicts. 


               Assets - Deposites - debt Bonds :


      In one word : any liquidabel document is classifeid as assets- These are  the documents, which can be turn into assets

for Investment, by redebting them. Although a few assets transfer, have their own conditions. For clearification,

please  attach the debt bond certificate with the serial No verification. In Facts all bonds can be shifted into asset, even the chinese

governmental debt bonds, are exchanges as asset or project Investment Liquidity .

* Fard  2015 *


At the end of the day, for those with commercial insight, the real asset is not paper money or digitial currencies, but only the gold !
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